AVT-8120 Quad Splitter


AVT-8120 Quad Splitter combines four separate composite video signals from cameras or other video sources onto one video screen for simultaneous displaying and recording.  It has real-time image refresh and digital image processing for superior performance. Select between 30 or 60 fields per second. Video Inputs are BNC connectors.

Composite Video Outputs are provided for a monitor and a VCR to allow recording of AVT-8120's output. Because the unit has a built-in TBC (Time Base Corrector), it does not require special cameras or external synchronization.  All four video inputs will be synchronized. The AVT-8120 is ideal for security monitoring or video preview applications where multiple images are required in a limited space

AVT-8120  Features and Specs
  • Video Inputs: 4x Composite Video  
  • Video Outputs: 2x Composite Video  
  • Built in Time Base Corrector 
  • Selectable 30/60 Field Operation  
  • Maximum Video Images: 4 
  • Maximum Image Positions: 9 
  • Automatic Video Gain Control (Each Channel) 
  • NTSC or PAL 
  • Built-in Sequential Switcher 
  • PIP Capability 

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AVT-8120 Front AVT-8120 Iso AVT-8120 Back