1T-YPbPr-HDMI Format Converters


1T-YPbPr-HDMI converts an analog component YPbPr or YCbCr signal to an HDMI compliant output allowing the viewing or switching of an analog component video signal on an HDMI display.

A Toslink input connector is provided to allow integration of a digital audio signal into the HDMI digital output stream. Component video inputs are via three RCA connectors.

All common NTSC and PAL HDTV resolutions are accepted and automatically detected. The output is fully compliant with the HDMI 1.2 standard assuring proper decoding by an HDMI display.

The 165MHz bandwidth means that output images are sharp and detailed and an included switching AC Adapter provides 5VDC@1A of power.

For more information about HDMI and HDCP please visit www.hdmi.org

Key Features of the 1T-YPbPr-HDMI
  • Excellent HDMI Compliant Video Quality
  • Automatic Input Format Detection
  • Plug and Play for easy installation
  • Toslink Audio Support
  • Operating Frequency to 165Mhz

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1T-YPbPr-HDMI Front 1T-YPbPr-HDMI Iso 1T-YPbPr-HDMI Back

1T-YPbPr-HDMI Front View
1T-YPbPr-HDMI Iso View
1T-YPbPr-HDMI Rear View

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