TV One Task™ Video Scalers


TV One-Task™ Video Scalers are ultra compact, high performance products designed to meet the most demanding requirements for signal conversion. The input video can be Composite, S-Video or YCbCr Component. The output signal is selectable in a wide variety of presets in either RGBHV or YPbPr format. Model 1T-V1280PCHD provides an analog output, while model 1T-V1280DVI provides a DVI output. The integral processor provides control over many signal parameters, such as: Contrast, Brightness, Hue and Color. Both are 5VDC. For best performance, use high-grade output cables such as our professional Z-Plus type.

TV One Task™ Video Scaler Features and Specs
  • Ultra Compact, High Performance Unit
  • Convert Video to Analog PC or HDTV
  • Convert Video to DVI PC or HDTV
  • Convert 480i YCbCr to Analog or DVI
  • PC Resolutions up to 1280x1024
  • Most HDTV Resolutions
  • Locking DC Power Connector for Security

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1T-V1280HD Top View 1T-V1280HD Front 1T-V1280HD Rear
1T-V1280DVI Top View 1T-V1280DVI Front 1T-V1280DVI Rear

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