TV One Task™ 1T-SX-524 Digital Video Routing Switcher


1T-SX-524 DVI Switcher is a high performance product designed to meet the most demanding requirements for the switching of DVI signals with or without HDCP copy protection. A maximum pixel rate of 165 MHz provides resolution capabilities up to 1920x1200 and 1080p. The 1T-SX-524 has four inputs and can be controlled from the front panel input selection button or an optional infrared remote control. If a conflict exists with other IR remote controls in the operational environment, the optional IR remote controller can be easily reprogrammed to avoid the problem.

The unit has DVI-I connectors for the input and outputs and is powered an external 5VDC power adapter. An LED display indicates the current input selection and the presence of DC Power. An IR Remote Extender option is available for applications requiring the unit to be hidden from view or when it is desirable to extend the range beyond a direct view of the unit such as around a corner.

Key Features of the 1T-SX-524
  • Fully HDCP Compliant
  • 165 MHz Maximum Pixel Rate
  • Maximum Resolution of 1920x1200@60Hz
  • Four Inputs
  • Front Panel and optional IR Remote Control
  • Programmable IR Remote Controller (optional)

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1T-SX-524 Front 1T-SX-524 Iso 1T-SX-524 Rear
1T-SX-524 Front View 1T-SX-524 Iso View 1T-SX-524 Rear View

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